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Product Overview PicMatch

Automate your business using Image AI
with flexible and reasonable pricing plans

Image similarity search

Search for visually similar images from your database.

Image copyright check

Detect if an image is taken or modified from another source.

Product assessment

Recognize product from smartphone cameras and display corresponding information.

Automatic Stocktaking

Automatically recognize and count the products from shelf pictures.

Object Tracking

Analyze the motions of people or products in movies, especially for fashion items.

Application form check

Automatically check if the items in paper application forms are properly written.


Application ①

Image copyright check

[Client] Publishing industry


  • Check the origin of an image
     Whether the image was taken/modified from another source?
  • Check personality right
    Is there any person in the scene (and thus necessary to get the permission)


  • PicMatch performs similarity search against the images of various source, to detect if the image was taken/modified from another one.
  • PicMatch detects human faces in the images, calculates how much the faces are identifiable, and suggests if the article needs to get an approval.

Application ②

Image similarity search

[Client] Travel media service


  • Some hotels try to register as new ones with different names (to avoid poor reviews, or to increase appearance in search results).


  • The pictures taken at the hotel (by the hotel or by its guests) give some clues.
  • Even though the pictures were taken from different angles and at different time of the day, PicMatch is able to find similarity between the pictures from different registered hotel and tell if they belong to the same place.

Application ③

Product assessment

[Client] Golf club second-hand trading stores


  • The number of second-hand golf club models is large and it is hard for buyers to judge quickly and accurately.
  • Most of the time, the model name & number is not printed on the item, making it hard to identify the product model.


  • We created a recognition smartphone application using the API of PicMatch.
  • The application takes the picture of the golf club, search the picutre in the master database, find the corresponding model and return the information to the buyer.
  • Based on the information returned by the smartphone app, the buyer decides the purchasing price.

Application ④

Automatic Stocktaking

[Client] Distribution & retail industry


  • The stores needs to perform stocktaking frequently to update their data.
  • Currently done manually, scanning products one by one, requiring enormous amount of time & cost.


  • Storekeepers take pictures of the product shelves
  • PicMatch automatically recognizes and cuts out the bounding areas corresponding to each item.
  • PicMatch then searches the master image database for the product image corresponding to the bounding area to identify the product.


Application ⑤

Object Tracking, Motion Analysis

  • Tracking the position a fashion item in the video, so user can click on the product and see the product details.
  • Recognizing livestocks (cows) from monitoring camera, analyzing motions and thus the subject's health status.
<<Details coming soon >>

Application ⑥

Automatic check for paper forms

  • Automatically checking if the fields in paper forms are properly filled in and signed.
<<Details coming soon>>

Easy-to-use SaaS Service

PicMatch supports various data interfaces, from Web API calls to sending/receiving Excel data via emails.

Step 1:
Register image database

Upload data via Web API or send data directly via emails.


Step 2:
Specify search target

Via PicMatch web interface, or with smartphone recognition app using PicMatch's Web API calls.


Step 3:
Display results

Besides Web API calls and recognition app, PicMatch offers result download with customized format (such as Excel).


Why PicMatch

Quality & performance proven with actual industry uses


Large scale processing

Supporting up to millions of images.
Searching time is typically less than 1 second.


Accumulated know-how

More than ten-years developing/integrating for almost 100 clients.
Originally developed libraries specialized for certain industries.


High Accuracy

Comparable with human manual check.
In some applications, almost 100% accuracy.


Flexible pricing plan

Fixed price contract , or pay only for the amount you have used.

How to order

We offer ready-to-use Saas image search service. However, we understand that most of businesses need customization to integrate AI solutions to their workflow.

We have been consulting and developing for nearly 100 companies for ten years. We understand what the best and most profitable way to apply imaging AI technologies

Please feel free to contact us at
We offer FREE consultation.

Q&A time for you to better understand the capabilities of PicMatch and how to apply to your business. Consulting is free for campaign time.


Experiment with actual data from the business process.
Customize the interface for data input and output to fit your system requirements.


Based on the results of the experiment, cost and contract will be discussed.


We will continue monitor and improve the recognition accuracy even after the contract starts.



Yes. There is no charge for the quotation.
After the quotation, you can try our services for free for two weeks before deciding to order.
A fee will be charged after you have officially ordered
We offer a free consultation on how you can improve your business using our product.
You can start the free trial right away.
It usually takes just a few weeks for the whole process, including time to customize PicMatch solutions to your system and business.
The case studies presented above usually took about a month.

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